Top 7 Reasons Why Offset Printing is Profitable for Your Business

Although the particular benefits of using offset printing will be discussed later on, it wouldn’t hurt to have a glimpse of why this method of printing is crowned as the golden standard of this industry. One reason is, aside from working smoothly with all kinds of paper, a bigger portion of its appeal is due to its capacity to work well even with plastic, metal, wood, leather, vinyl, and fabric surfaces. Talk about versatility!

Additionally, offset printing’s popularity to almost every business is due to its offered professional printing services such as high-grade newsletters, business forms and letterheads, calendars and business cards, catalogs, magazines, and brochures… and let’s be honest, what business does not need at least one of these? More importantly, in this highly technological ecosystem, you should consider substantially differentiating yourself by capitalizing on the fact that despite the mentioned advancement, a lot of people still find comfort by using papers [1]. Hence, swooned more by printed materials.

Furthermore, before discussing the reasons why you should opt for offset printing if you care about your business, let us first quickly discuss what is offset printing and how it works.

The Basics of Offset Printing

Offset printing is a commercial printing method that uses a customized printing plate for each print job. These customized plates are tailored straight from the graphics of the output’s expected layout then later on, to the final printing surface.

Particularly, this method utilizes the principle of lithology—dispersing the oil-based ink from water, resulting in the coloring of particular areas while leaving the rest blank. This process is repeated until all colors of ink needed are used.

Advantages of Using Offset Printing 

  1. It puts you on advantage against your competitors.A survey conducted by FedEx revealed that 80% of small business owners claimed that professional printing services help them win over their target customers, getting ahead of the competition. This finding is supported by another survey exposing that even in this digital age, 90% of consumers stand as one on the belief that there will always be a need or print [1].Since knowing your customer is the key to your success, realizing the implication of this finding and resolving it with the use of offset printing is the path we suggest for you.
  2. It is the least costly high-quality printing option. Offset printing is the cheapest option available considering that you want to massively produce high-quality outputs. Comparing this to others, the more that you need to print, the more you realize how much you can save by choosing this affordable yet outstanding printing method.
  3. It provides unmatched quality in every output made.With the use of offset printing, you can expect consistency in the generation of high quality, sharp, and clean-looking results.
  4. It helps you build the desired behavior among your potential customers.Focusing on packaging concerns, an offset printing machine’s basic ability to produce raised text and high-quality image is treated as a decisive factor for driving sales. This is because your customers’ purchasing intention-related behaviors (their attitude that leads to whether they will buy a product or not) significantly depends on how your product looks on the outside.
  5. It has a million times worth of durability for every customized plate.The customized printing plate used by this machine, besides being inexpensive, can be reused for approximately a million times. What’s fascinating is that each of the million outputs produced from this single plate remains unmistakable for its consistency, till the last dot. 
  6. It has an unparalleled, prone to delay printing pace.Offset printing offers high-speed duty, especially for high volume production. With the machine’s capacity to control ink flow preventing any ink-related interruptions, you get to save time without bearing the worry regarding the quality of your output (that you would usually expect when using other printing methods).
  7. It prints on even on surfaces of containers. This machine’s versatility expands to printing not only on flat surfaces but also, is capable of round printing on containers such as bottles and canisters.
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