Top 3 Most Trusted Offset & Flexo Printing Machine Brands

One of the purchasing guidelines that we must take note of is that “If you can’t pronounce it, you should probably stay away from it.” Especially applicable for technology products, such as the offset printing machine we are talking about here, a printer’s brand is a consideration worth paying significant attention to.

No, it has nothing to do with anyone’s bias about local or foreign brands, nor to how they are pronounced. This mentioned rule is solely for the reason of finding a product that’s offered by a brand who has a reputation to protect—hence, has a considerable number of good qualities to brag; while being able to deal with the few complaints thrown against it (or else, it has no such ‘brand’ to take pride of at the first place). 

Offset and flexographic printers are certainly a big deal for an investment in every business. Also, there’s a lot of expectations for this “gold standard” of printing machines; that is, highest among all the different types of printing machines that are used for commercial purposes. Talk about pressure.

Now to round down your choices and shorten your searching time of finding the best printer for your business, here we have listed the top offset and flexo printer manufacturers that are able to establish themselves to becoming today’s leading household names.  


Lead Yuan

Although Lead Yuan’s focus of service at the beginning was mainly for those needing flexographic printing solutions, up to date, it is now able to become one of the top-tier brands when it comes to offering even offset printing machines. 

This printing machine manufacturer’s name was founded by its strong network of satisfied clients. That is because Lead Yuan always makes sure that each of its clients is thoroughly able to communicate their printing requirements—including volume, print quality, number of job change over, film type, durability, reliability of components, all to ensure a custom-tailored printing solution providing the best advantage for its clients.

Lead Yuan offers options such as control of material tension to ensure exceptional print quality. Also, most of its products have Edge Positioning Control (EPC) that guides substrate material uniformly into the print operation. Lastly, this printing machine manufacturer also takes pride in having a superior drying system that guarantees increased productivity.  

To know more about their products, you can download their brochure here



This offset printing machine manufacturer grounds itself with its ultra-modern IT solutions fused with industrial value creation. Their innovative solutions cover strategic, operative industrial & user interface design; small-scale production to high-volume series solutions; and customized control and power electronics. 

Their latest offset printing machine, Speedmaster SX 52, is equipped with the latest technology, capable of exceptional performance parallel to web-to-print and digital printing.

Further description of their product includes: (1) High-grade color fidelity in printing, less paper waste, and easy reproducibility (with the help of its colorimetric control); (2) superb transparency (even with complex production changes) & (3) navigated printing. 

To know more about their products, visit them here


Label Systems Inc. 

Like Lead Yuan, this printing machine manufacturer also takes pride in its satisfactory service to its clients—today, it claims that its company has served over 5000 clients worldwide across more than 25 industries. 

This company strives to help companies promote their identity with the use of creative labels and promotional solutions. Label Systems Inc. is known as a leading expert in pressure-sensitive labeling solutions, as well as in producing products fit for shrink sleeves and flexible-packaging designs. 

To know more about their products, visit their site here


Ultimately, you must keep in mind that your promotional and packaging materials speak volumes to what kind of identity your brand has. Get ahead of the game and make the most out of it. 


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