In 1978 a spark led to what is known today as Lead Yuan. Back then our Chairman Mr. Bill Han after been in the business of export/import industrial sewing machine realized the market begun to saturate.

With encouragements from his Jewish American former boss, he decided to move on from Consolidated Sewing Machine Corp. with all he had accumulated when he blitzed tirelessly around the world

It wasn’t until more than 10 years later that Lead Yuan officially incorporated, with the help from his partners and shareholders who in the past worked

By 1980, Bill begin to see what the world had to offer having traveled to more than 10 different countries conducting business, and found himself

Everyone in production depended on Bill, including his boss who made him a partner to the firm, for new sale orders of the flexographic printing press.

While Bill never gave up knowing the company was against him, his co-workers was what inspired him. One day, semi-defeated, his production co-workers met

Lead Yuan was born. With years of expertise in flexography, technology, and craftsmanship, the company incorporated. Most important of all: Trust. Is what our company stands for.

And with the trust that their customers and employees gave them, Lead Yuan is now on its 28th year and still going strong.


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