7 Things to Consider Before Buying Offset Printing Machine

Since offset printing is a good investment for your business, you should avoid choosing just the top advertisement that appears on the internet or fully relying on the word of mouth of someone who just happens to use offset printing. As we are talking about business, you should be strictly accountable especially for the money that comes out. Also, you do not want to fall behind your expectations by unnecessarily rushing in making an important choice, right?

That’s why, to help you find the best offset printing machine and brand available out there, here we have compiled the non-negotiable considerations that you must keep in mind when buying. Further, these considerations are divided into three parts—arranged consequentially to make your selection process stress-free.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

  1. Choose the offset printing machine that’s fit to your operation needs

Purpose: There are types of products that offer all-round services; however, for less complex operation and affordability purposes, you should take home only the offset printing machine appropriate to your particular needs. Following this will also ensure you do not face any preventable consequences that might just get on the way of your operation—and who wants that?

To help you with this, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the estimated number of prints that I will be needing from this machine?
  • Will I be needing a single or a multi-coloring offset printing?
  • What will be the common size of printing I’ll be needing?
  1. Examine the machine’s running condition

To guarantee that the offset printing machine’s operating promises of your chosen brand are exact to its running ability, if it is possible, insist to see how it works and be cautious in examining the printed output.

  1. Price considerations come in number 3, and there’s a reason to it

In buying tools that are meant for short-term use and thus, can easily be replaced, pricing concerns is reasonable to be perceived as a priority. However, when making a big purchase such as an offset printing machine—meant for long-term use, high volume production, and high-quality results, the last thing that you would want to do is cut the budget short for this one.

Choose not the cheapest, but the one that will be worth every penny of your expense.  

Finally, Choosing ‘The One’ For Your Offset Printing Needs

  1. Find a brand with a good history

Purpose: Having a glimpse of the brands’ histories remains necessary as if a brand happens to have a good history, this exhibits that they were able to withstand each of their past and even present competitors- an undoubtedly good hint in judging the quality of one’s products. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to know that between old and new brands, which should be better trusted.

However, if you’re one who easily catches boredom and wanted a thrilling alternative instead, you can opt to do a comparison test on the oldest product of these brands in person, and from this, easily identify which among them offers only the top tier offset printing products.

An example of a brand with a good history worth for every business’s trust is manufacturing companies such as Lead Yuan, see their arguably compelling history here.

  1. Look for a brand that respects the value of your time

Purpose: You should not settle for a manufacturing company that does not take note of your time-related technical needs. If a brand is willing to fit their manufacturing period of your chosen offset printing machine until before your set deadline, then this is most likely a good buy. Also, having the capacity to move in sync with your timeline, however pressure-filled, is proof of how such a brand has already mastered the art of creating the perfect machine for your specific offset printing needs.

  • Verifying your choice
  • Proceed if they have a proven dealer support

Purpose: Having a certified representative technician you can easily tap whenever you need operating support is a crucial part of this investment and for your investment. Hence, be sure not to miss that.

  1. Choose brand new offset printing machines than used ones!

Although this is the last consideration, this is a make or break deal. Keep in mind that in purchasing used offset printing machines, with the lack of warranty and technical help from a representative agent, you are only exposing yourself to risks that evidently outweighs the insignificant cost difference.


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