5 Must Consider Industrial Printing Machines for Your Business

Offset printers are described as the “King of Quality”. Despite that, when it comes to the world of modern printing needs, it cannot be denied that there are tens of types of technologies that are now also used.

However, when it comes to industrial, high-volume, and quality-intensive purposes, the options become less. So, to benefit your business, what are the must-consider industrial printing machines that you must consider having? Here we go.

Label Printing Machine

Label printers, commonly used for label, asset, and shipping printing, are further divided into three types: Thermal transfer (TT) label printers, direct thermal (DT) printers, and laser printers. What signifies their difference alongside their purpose is the durability of their outputs. TT label printers are best for long-term use without risking the need for high-quality output. Meanwhile, DT printers use a heat-activated special layer of chemicals placed beneath the label surface which is not recommended for long-term use unlike TT printers, especially when will be exposed to UV rays. DT printers are preferred instead for its affordability and easy-to-follow setting up details. Lastly, laser printers of label printing equipment are suited only for uses within general indoors. Also, this is applicable to wet or cold temperature applications.

Additionally, emphasizing TT printers, these types of label printers are generally used for a range of functions from industrial-grade and continuous printing solutions to a professional and high volume set up. Additionally, there’s an array of applications that can be used with this machine—for example, paper, polyesters, and plastics requiring tough label uses such as being chemical and oil resistant.

Rotogravure (Gravure) Printing Machine

Gravure printing machines are particularly used for high-volume and long-run printing of wallpapers, packaging, gift wraps, as well as magazines and print campaigns. This machine employs the use of fast-drying inks to produce fine, clean, and sharp images.

Letter Press Printing Machine

Modern letter press printing machines also called typographic or relief printing machines, use photopolymer plates for image production. This kind of machine makes copies through the repetitive process of direct impression, against rolls or sheets of paper, to an inked and raised surface.

Outputs made from letter press printing produce commercial prints that possess an appealing tactile quality that can be compared to the two most advanced and widely used printing methods, offset and digital printing.

Digital Printing Machine

If your printing concerns involve only small print runs, then digital printing machines are a must-consider for you. Additionally, the quality of that this machine produced is next to what an offset printing machine can result in. If you’re just starting with your business and you do not anticipate producing massive prints, then this is the best printing machine option for you.

Offset Printing Machine

Other than price concerns, there exist no other considerations where offset printing does not come in the lead. If you are planning to use a printing machine for the long-term and you are considering which as the top worth over the long run, then you’re ought not to look elsewhere anymore.

Also, not only does offset printing works with a wide variety of paper types; it also produces the same highest possible quality output with sharp detail and unparalleled color fidelity, in other surfaces such as leather, vinyl, and plastics. Offset printing can also use custom inks such as metallic and even Pantone palette.


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