4 Crucial Reasons Why We Do Not Recommend Buying Used Flexo Printing Machines

Especially amidst this pandemic, you might not be given the chance to conduct a proper inspection on that used printing machine you’ve been eyeing on. However, if this is the case, alongside the other reasons this blog will be discussed below, make sure to not risk your money and opt for new printing machines instead. 

Moreover, if you might have observed, there is not much difference between used flexo printing machines. That’s why if you want to invest on a quality printer that’s guaranteed to be worthy for every cent you paid for, go and purchase new ones instead—especially if you do not want to be left behind with the latest printing features that might just give you an edge over your competitors. 


1. The quality of a used flexo printing machine is not guaranteed. 

Business owners’ general take is that used printing machines are commonly associated with substantially lower quality of produced prints and performance, compared to brand new flexo printing machines. This clamor must be taken seriously especially if you are planning to continue your business in the long run. 

If you are a business owner, since you have your budget to work around with, you must have good skills in discerning what seems to be more “affordable”—not just for now, but in the long-term. Sustainability is an important factor for your success and that is something you cannot risk for the sake of saving a bit for your business printing machine’s upfront costs. 


2. Used flexo printers give no assurance to its print waste status.

Since we are all aware of how print waste can accumulate to a large cost on print and operations over time, you might want to avoid going for used machines. More importantly, the cost of print waste does not end on wasted papers, inks, and even time, but also includes disposal costs (since proper disposal of waste is also your responsibility). 

Ultimately, unlike the sellers of used printers, manufacturers of new flexo printing machines provide you an assurance regarding the particular print waste that will be produced as a byproduct of your printing operations. 


3. Sellers of used flexo printing machines don’t offer warranty and customer support. 

Aside from the warranty that will save you from defective printing machines, opting for used flexo printers also deprives you of the (usually) free services. With no warranty or support, you can hold unto, installing, using, and fixing your purchased old flexo printer might even cost you substantially a lot more than buying a brand new one.  


4. Used flexo printers often present concerns about proper functioning & life of components. 

Since flexo printers are considerably a complex piece of machinery, there are a lot of parts (whether big or small) that remain imperative to the overall functioning of the whole flexo press. With that said, you must take note that dealers of used machines, oftentimes, are not willing to provide the guarantee as to the life of their used flexo printer’s components. Aside from this, there is no assurance whether the dealer would be saying the truth regarding any accidents that may have happened with the printing machine.   

In the end, even if, let’s say, assume that the dealer is being honest with the used flexo printing machine’s decent condition, it is still difficult for you to be able to calculate the remaining life of the components of that printing machine. 


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